5 Tips for avoiding stress

One thing was clear right from the start: stress and overload are symptoms that can occur in all social classes. We know that stress is extremely harmful to health. And stress occurs when we do too much of something we don’t want to do, but we think we have to.

But what to do about it? Fight against it, or use the energy, which carries stress in itself, for us.

These tips use your stress energy to your advantage. Try them for yourself.

Here are 5 tips on how to avoid stress

  1. Find something every day that you have succeeded in doing particularly well – and write it down. It’s best to keep a success diary. Enter your successes daily and browse through them. It will be a treasure trove of personal achievements and positive experiences that you will always remember with pleasure. These positive memories will strengthen you.
  2. Strengthen your body. Work out regularly, exercise.
  3. Become part of a great idea. Support a goal together with other people that you could not achieve alone. “Give something back“, as Arnold Schwarzenegger would put it.
  4. Find a role model for yourself. So-called role models can motivate us to become just as successful. Read biographies of interesting personalities and learn from their life stories and how they solved their challenges. Accept help.
  5. Learn more every day. Especially one’s own life experiences are an inexhaustible source of learning experiences. Become aware of what you really want in your life. Also become aware of what has held you back so far and how these barriers and obstacles can go.

How can I put this into practice?

After a few units, clients who worked with me had fresh ideas for concrete plans and next steps, a new strategy and clear, manageable goals. And their stress was gone as well. With mental techniques for physical health, we unleash innovative forces that inspire you and your employees.



Thomas W. Albrecht works with people who give full throttle and are at the point of changing their thinking patterns and putting them on the road to success.

He is a speaker, author, coach and mentor, as well as a member of the Austrian Trade Association and the Austrian Business Forum for Managers. From his many years of experience as an executive and as an entrepreneur, he knows what it means to bear responsibility and to push the limits again and again.

Many of his clients work until they fall over, the house blessing is already crooked, the partner and their own children can hardly be seen, the stress is overwhelming and the limits of the excessive demands are exceeded.

It brings them back to their authenticity and joy of life, so that they can act clearly, focused and excellently in every situation in the future.

“If you’re doing less of what hasn’t worked before and you’re looking for what’s working for you and your business, then you’ve come to the right place.” – Thomas W. Albrecht

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