Rhetoric 4.1

The way people communicate and put their thoughts into words is a precise expression of their culture and values.

They unconsciously determine the outcome of their organization.

The way you develop both the communication and the culture of your organization depends on your rhetorical skills.

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| Thomas W. Albrecht | Expert on Rhetoric and Cultural Transformation
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Cultural Change IS Transformation of Meaning

We are living in a time of massive upheaval – technologically, politically and socially. Our society is changing at a rapid pace. We are experiencing a profound and dynamic change in values.

Change must be guided in order to lead in the right direction. This requires the capability of rhetoric. Only those who can express their thoughts in understandable motivating words will be able to win people.

Winning people is the new key to success. Rhetoric is the tool of the trade for every executive.

Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast

The central statements of the famous Austrian and management guru Peter Drucker. And he is undoubtedly right. Our culture is how we treat each other. It is based on our values. These values give meaning to our professional and private lives. We subordinate everything to our culture and our values – regardless of whether we are aware of it or not.

Optimize your rhetoric with me, the art of speech – so that your intention and strategy will be implemented optimally.

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