Becoming A People-Company

A People-Company is a company in which people are the focus of attention. This happens for a simple reason: Despite all digitalization, it needs people to keep companies alive. How they act on a daily basis ultimately determines the company’s results.

When Injured: Stress

However, it may often be the case that employees feel forced to do something that contradicts their very personal values. They do it anyway, for example for fear of losing their job. This can go well for a while.

Poor productivity and massive stress, however, are the unwanted and sure consequences in the long run. This is neither in the interests of the employees nor in the interests of the company.

Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast

We all know this well-known statement by Peter Drucker, don’t we? In fact, it is. But why and how can we change it?

Humans Follow Their Values

All humans follow their own values. We only do things that seem meaningful to us and from which we hope to gain an advantage. This advantage can sometimes be very subtle. It is not always conscious and is not always recognized by other people around us.

The company also follows its own values. Ideally, these have been developed by the company management in a good design process.

In everyday life, these value systems “collide” with each other. We observe how employees behave, how they interact with each other, how they serve customers and what results they produce.

We describe the sum of this behavior as “corporate culture”.

The Solution Is Based On Values

In the “Becoming a People-Company” program, we are establishing a corporate culture that is compatible and harmonious with the values of the employees.

It works with application of Spiral Dynamics according to Clare W. Graves.

Just Unthinkable – Now Possible

In a people company, people and strategy form a unit. The tasks to be completed make sense for all involved.

I will be happy to discuss with you how this will work in your company.

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