Consciously using the Unconscious

In most companies it is clear what needs to be done and how goals should and can be achieved. Nevertheless, deviations occur regularly and the current result is often different from the consciously set entrepreneurial goal.

Well planned from a technical point of view, but still missed …

The question is, why is that? Where does it come from? It was planned correctly from a technical point of view…

The answer is that our everyday behavior is unconscious. Our behaviour patterns, our reactions to circumstances and facts, thoughts that buzz through our heads, the (negative) emotions about them, our opinions and attitudes about the employer and the company, about the project, about the customers, about the market, about ourselves and much more – all this generates our current behaviour, and this completely unconsciously.

Using Mental Innovation

Thus, our current behaviour may deviate from the theoretically desired behaviour, namely in those steps that would allow the conscious goal to be achieved, such as a project plan to be adhered to. How often this does not succeed is something we all know well enough.

It’s like top-class sport:

Full concentration and the highest professional expertise must work together.

Coaching for Excellence aims to achieve the conscious goal – despite all challenges and adversities – safely.


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