Escape from the problem

Mental challenges of change

Especially in times of great challenges and uncertainties, such as digital transformation and industry 4.0, most people spend most of their time with negative thoughts. Negative emotions, fears and annoyances make people sick and without productivity. They always deliver the same unwanted results.

A problem is, if we make one out of it.

This prevents these people from developing their full potential and creativity. Just when we get angry, everything stands still and we know that much more is possible and we really want to move forward.

These emotions cause very specific behaviour patterns in us. These were thoroughly learned in childhood and adolescence. Especially in adulthood we continue to apply them consistently and unconsciously, sometimes much more subtly.

We then call this the character and personality of a person.

In many professional situations and especially when dealing with employees and customers, annoyance and anxiety are inappropriate and very obstructive. In many cases this leads to difficult situations. Dissatisfaction with customers and employees, absenteeism, sick leave, burnouts, tedious and endless discussions and massive losses in business results are the result. We want to get away from this quickly.

Through modern methods we can reliably let go of negative emotions, fears, annoyances and limiting thoughts and develop true (leadership) personalities.


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