Having both Quality of Leadership and Quality of Life

People and organizations have found their true ME. They experience a completely new quality of leadership and life, mentally & physically, professionally & privately. They understand themselves as creators of their life and shape it according to their ideas. They make the world a better place for themselves, their fellow human beings and their descendants.

Companies that are led and managed by these people and in which these people are active are perceived as beacons. They see themselves as the cause of a positive effect on their employees, their customers and their clients.


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This warranty is given under the following conditions:

  • You really want to let go the problem in your organization or your personal problem.
  • You keep to our agreements and tasks. This also applies to all employees involved.
  • You manage the Journal of Change on a daily basis.
  • You are willing to do everything necessary to achieve what you are striving for.
  • The time required to achieve the defined goal of our collaboration is consumed within the agreed timeframe.