Keynotes for Change 4.0

As a speaker I inspire my audience with new ideas how to give their life and their organization a completely new quality.

Many of my performances include a LIVE demonstration and show LIVE how people can overcome fears and annoyances.

If you’re looking for an inspiring keynote speaker or rousing speaker for your next event, you’ve come to the right place.

Latest Keynotes & Lectures

How to unlearn to make something a problem

It began with a fatal error with far-reaching consequences. An error that still dominates our science today and that makes us understand why objectivism is so anchored in our culture….


Get up, take your mask and go!

Until recently, people believed that personality existed. You can’t do anything because you were born into these circumstances. In my lecture I would like to show three possibilities how we…


What You Believe Makes Up Your Life

Many people believe that they are in some way dependent on other people or on the circumstances in which they live. This dependence makes them sluggish and often incapable of…


How to successfully design modern sales channels

Sales has always been a challenge This applies above all to companies that want to grow strongly. Finding the right prospective customers at the right time and making successful sales…



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