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At TWA Mentale Innovation GmbH, we guide and support people and organizations to achieve and maintain excellence. Our clients experience personal breakthroughs, achieve unexpected goals and have shaped their lives according to their wishes.

Thomas W. Albrecht founded TWA Mentale Innovation GmbH in October 2017. Due to his education and many years of experience, he has extensive knowledge in leadership, development, marketing and coaching. Philosophy and endurance sports are among his passions. His life has been characterized for many years by international activity and innovation in high-tech companies in the application areas Telecom and Safety Critical Systems. His professional career, summarized in keywords, shows this:

  • Entrepreneur since 2007
  • Longstanding manager at Siemens and two high-tech start-ups
  • Dipl. Ing. (TU) for Communications Engineering at the TU Vienna, graduated with distinction 1990
  • Longtime Referral Marketing Expert in Germany, Austria & Switzerland
  • Extensive training in leadership at EuRatio Academy Switzerland
  • Since 2009 more than 2,974 participants in Training & Coaching
  • Master Practitioner according to the “Time-Line-Therapy® Association”.
  • Hypnosis Trainer according to the American Board of Hypnotherapy.
  • NLP trainer according to the American Board of NLP.
  • Lecturer at the College of Education in Baden near Vienna
  • Lecturer at the Medical Association in Vienna
  • Founder of TWA Mentale Innovation GmbH

But how did Thomas W. Albrecht become a certified Master Practitioner, Trainer, Mentor & Coach? It is like a metamorphosis as a transformation of life and the idea of a deep transformation, a personal breakthrough?

Read for yourself: My Story

After my career in the electronics industry, I have been an entrepreneur since 2008.

Today I mentor and coach very successfully owners of companies as well as C-level management, who seem to have lost something – namely to pay attention to themselves and thus feel enormous pressure to perceive difficulties in your life and already feel health effects. I help these people to find themselves again, to develop their dreams and ideas and to bring them to life, as well as to be an excellent leader.

But it wasn’t always like that. At that time I was an executive at Siemens. I’ve led hundreds of people over the years. I was like one of my clients today. Frustration was the order of the day and my private life fell apart ….

I’ve gotten so much feedback there: “Take off your mask!” Hmm, I couldn’t do much with that at that time and just thought, “Hey, what don’t I understand here, what is it?

Maybe I just wanted to be someone else, but I didn’t have the time.

Until the magic time when I met Stewart Emery in the USA. He was, like me, a guest of Ivan Misner in Big Bear, CA. Stewart said to me, “You are just before a big transformation.” He invited me to visit him during one of my next stays in the USA. Six months later, on a wonderful afternoon, I sat in his elegant house in Tiburon, CA, north of San Francisco, with an unforgettable view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

This conversation with Stewart got under the skin in the truest sense of the word. Emotional waves ran through my body and at that time I had no idea what he had done to me. After a few hours I got back in the car and drove back to my hotel in Petaluma, CA, in Sonoma Valley.

Then it went quickly: The mask was suddenly gone and my true I came out!

Authenticity, clarity and focus came back into my life.

This is how the wish developed: “I want to be able to do that too. Stewart was certainly not born with his mentorship skills, so it must be possible to learn this quality. And I am willing to do everything necessary to be an excellent coach and mentor myself.

I got curious and wanted to know how it worked. So I started to study, train and apply these magical methods and techniques.

It is my heart’s concern to bring this idea, these methods, and opportunities in our world, to design them and to enable all of us – especially mine and all of our children – to create a happy world worth living in, according to the motto “Transform the Planet – Transforming Lifes & Businesses“.

Thank you, Stewart!


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  • You keep to our agreements and tasks. This also applies to all employees involved.
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