Thomas Wilhelm Albrecht

Expert for Profiling and Mental Transformation

Thomas Wilhelm Albrecht is an internationally renowned speaker, author, coach, and mentor.

He developed a special look at the art of speaking and rhetoric as an expression of culture and values. For his unerring analyses, he relies on a winning combination of various proven approaches in psychology, NLP 4.1, Hypnotherapy and Spiral Dynamics.

After more than ten years of experience as a leader of a large corporation and in start-ups, he turned as an independent entrepreneur to the topics of cultural and value change in business and society. He regularly completed training courses in the USA and Europe, is an internationally certified trainer according to the American Board of NLP and an internationally certified hypnosis trainer according to the American Board of Hypnotherapy.

The expert for Profiling and Mental Transformation is a sought-after speaker on his main topics and inspired well over 10,000 people with his exciting lectures and seminars.

He focuses on what he really2 wants.

He comes from the high-tech industry. His path is a special one and has been marked since childhood. After studying communications engineering, he led large projects in industry and is the author of several international publications. Realizing was his passion and perfection. After 18 years of professional experience, he underwent his personal transformation, his personal cultural change. He discovered that there is much more to discover.

Today he is unique in the combination of his training and activities. He does this, which he also advises his customers to do.

To lead people and companies to their true identity is his passion – in his speeches and his daily actions.

Thomas Wilhelm Albrecht’s most important message:

“Cultural change is Transformation of Meaning”

Thomas Wilhelm Albrecht brings something quite unusual with him. He is a qualified technician on the one hand and a qualified and internationally certified expert and speaker on the other. This is a rare combination. He unites these disciplines and shows people that their lives, both professional and private, have more to offer. It gives them confidence and awakens their mental strength in a simple and entertaining way.

He succeeds in depicting complex interrelations simply and yet accurately. Organizers benefit from the fact that their message is received safely. Participants experience entertaining AHA moments, often learn something new in the shortest time and get a “refresher” from what they already know.

Life-Experience Pure

He brings with him an enormous experience of life. As a husband and father of three sons, as a long-standing international executive in the high-tech industry, as an expert and speaker in the USA and Europe and as a coach and mentor for many hundreds of clients.

Thomas Wilhelm Albrecht is also socially committed. He has been an active member of Lions Club International for over 10 years. Thus he knows many human destinies and how they could be helped sustainably.

He wraps his extensive life experience in exciting stories that touch his audience with deep emotions.

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