New Life-Skills for Business & Digital Culture

Our participants learn and train life skills, practice and explore how they can bring their talents and abilities to bear. They learn what it means and how to lead their own lives responsibly.

Above all, they are able to determine their inner emotional state themselves at any time, regardless of all external circumstances.

This gives them the flexibility in their behavior that they need to master any situation with clarity and focus excellently.

Current Offers

New Life Skills for Business 4.0

Trust and loyalty are and remain fundamental values in a digital world. In his book “The Speed of Trust” Stephen Covey describes how trust is underestimated and what an enormous…


Mental Health 4.0

Leadership starts with self-leading and continues with the leadership of other people. We show you which methods you can use to awaken the best of yourself and the best in…


Communication 4.0

Language Patterns to Influence Our language is the most effective drug we humans have. Depending on how we use it, it can make us deeply sad or sky high. Either…


Networking 4.0

Interpersonal relationships have a special meaning in our digital world. After all, they cannot be digitized. According to recent studies, relationships between employees and customers have become the most important…


Digital Micro Learning 4.0

The assumption that learning is the mere absorption of facts is outdated. The knowledge of this world doubles every two years, with pure fact knowledge one does not get far…



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