The New-Life-Code

The Awakening of a New World

People are at their limits. Full throttle to the limit. Hospitals overcrowded, cancer and severe suffering on the agenda, our society captivates with the highest divorce rate: a fatherless, cold and sick society. Controlled by social media, driven by excuses and guilt to blame others. The king of excuses has the high season again …


We, humans, are often much easier to manipulate than we think we are. This is how our society can be controlled, at a price that is too high.

But it doesn’t have to be. We are worth more. We are allowed to take our life into our own hands. We are allowed to recognize what power we have in reality. We are allowed to recognize that we ourselves are responsible for how we are and how we feel.

Thomas Wilhelm Albrecht took part to show people that they can decide for themselves who they are.

It is the fight against the mental cannibals ….

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