The TWA-System

A good thing belongs in the world born and spread. From an economic point of view, there are many possibilities. I have opted for a licensing system, a franchise system.

Franchise systems have the advantage of working with independent entrepreneurs who all contribute to their own economic success and at the same time carry the “TWA Mental Innovation” brand to the outside world. Franchising is the fastest developing form of distribution and gives career changers excellent opportunities to reorient themselves professionally.

TWA Mentale Innovation is a member of the Austrian Franchise Association (Österreichischer Franchise Verband).

How does the franchise license system “TWA Mental Innovation” work?

Local franchise partners represent the company and acquire business customers. A central pool of trained and certified coaches ensures that the orders won are processed excellently in accordance with the agreement.

Successful franchise partners are able to handle numerous customer projects in parallel and can concentrate fully on sales and customer support. This enables them to shape the economy, sales and earnings themselves.

Franchise licenses are initially granted in Austria and Germany, later also in Switzerland.
Coaches also have the opportunity to live their preference for coaching and determine how much time they have available.

Synergies of the group are used. You can be successful together with others, and don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Franchising is the fastest growing sales concept with a manageable risk.

Franchise partners receive extensive training to be successful as quickly as possible, as well as their own website and access to the company’s CRM system.

Coaches are regularly certified in order to proceed excellently according to the Standard Coaching Process of TWA Mentale Innovation GmbH.
Regular experience exchange meetings support both franchise partners and all coaches.


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