Value Clash – 5 tips for mutual understanding

Misunderstandings are the order of the day. Both at work and in private life. Disputes are often the result, followed by depression, anger, and stress. Especially today in our current world we are particularly susceptible to this. The value clash is defacto pre-programmed.

Value clash is just around the corner

Everything we do or don’t do is based on our values. Values are important to us. All our behavior is based on these values. We always strive to ensure that each and every one of our values being upheld. But there is one thing we are far too rarely aware of: Our values are in most cases completely unconscious to us.

When different or even opposing value systems collide, there is a crash in the truest sense of the word. Because we defend something that is really important to us. The more important, the more.

Any statement by a person is either a statement of appreciation or a cry for help.

– Thomas W. Albrecht

Understanding and agreeing are two different things

In this article I would like to give you 5 tips on how to better understand other people and avoid the value clash. Remember, understanding someone else better doesn’t mean agreeing with everything. Understanding and agreeing are two different things. Understanding, however, is a prerequisite for consent.

So here are the 5 tips for mutual understanding

Whenever you feel that you do not understand and are not understood by the other person, do the following:

  1. Get out of the content level. Imagine watching the conversation from the perspective of a third person: What do you feel now?
  2. Ask yourself whether this feeling about this conversation is what you want.
  3. Assume the other person is doing the best they can at the moment.
  4. Stop arguing about the content. Ask comprehension questions such as “What do you mean?“, “What is particularly important to you?” or “How do you know that it suits you?”
  5. Explain to the other person what is important to you and emphasize similarities they both have.

For entrepreneurs and executives

Not only individual people have a value system, but also teams and organisations. This is also known as the “culture of a company”. Conscious and unconscious violations of values lead to undesirable work results.

Value systems are changeable and designable

That’s the good news. Changing and designing value systems is a design process. The value clash is easily avoidable. If done correctly, this design process leads to the desired results, which will help you and your company to move forward.

How can I put this into practice?

People and organizations who work with me have fresh ideas for concrete plans and next steps, a new strategy and clear, manageable goals after a few units. With mental techniques, we release innovative forces that inspire you and your employees.


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Thomas W. Albrecht works with people who give full speed and have big goals to fine-tune their thought patterns and bring them to the desired course of success.

He is a speaker, author, coach and mentor, as well as a member of the Austrian Trade Association and the Austrian Business Forum for Executives, a lecturer at the Vienna Medical Association and the Baden University of Education. From his many years of experience as a manager and as an entrepreneur, he knows what it means to take responsibility and to push the limits again and again.

His personal vision is to lead people, organizations, and corporations into their true identity. Those managed by people like these are perceived as lighthouses. They are the cause of positive effects for their customers, clients and employees. They make the world a better place – despite all odds.

It brings them back to their authenticity and joy of life, so that they can act clearly, focused and excellently in every situation in the future.

“If you want to do less of what doesn’t work anymore, and you’re looking for what works for you and your organization, then you’ve come to the right place.” – Thomas W. Albrecht


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