What is Breakthrough Coaching & Mentoring?

Business people and entrepreneurs are also and equally private people. Private topics are best discussed separately from the professional environment.

Confidential topics treated discreetly and being solved

Often these are topics that are highly confidential. People complain about the effects and aftermath of their difficult childhood, physical and psychological abuse and ill-treatment, beatings, and violence of all kinds. In order to deal with this, children and adolescents develop strategies to experience and been seen at least with attention, ideally also with recognition and affection. These strategies are in many cases conspicuous behavior, eating disorders, hyperactivity and disease symptoms.

In adulthood, these then perfectly learned strategies for dealing with these experiences become increasingly inappropriate and inappropriate – yet they run fully automatically. This often includes pronounced anxiety, anger, anger, shame, aggressiveness, and many other unwanted, inappropriate and inappropriate strong emotions.

The affected people want something different and it is infinitely difficult. Often a small trigger, a drop of water, is enough to break the camel’s back and off we go.

At this point, Breakthrough Coaching uses the TWA method.
The big advantage of this method is that clients only have to look at their problem from the outside.

In Breakthrough Coaching & Mentoring they learn new behavioural possibilities in a surprisingly short time and decouple the negative disturbing emotion. Immediately afterwards, the desired goal is anchored and the body is put into a positive emotional state.


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