What is Coaching for Excellence?

More Behavioural Options

The solution is that people have more behavioral options to behave adequately and appropriately in all situations.

“The person with the most behavioural options controls the system.”

In many situations, e.g. in a professional context, people often only show automatic behavior. For example, when the phone rings and a customer is on the other end of the line, the voice becomes high, the mood tense and the phone call needs to be terminated quickly. This behavior is clearly unfavorable for the economic success of the company.

Conventional approaches to change are based on “discussing” the behavior and demanding a different behavior. However, as we all know, this only works in very few cases!

Can this unfavorable behavior now be changed?

The answer is definitely YES! And how?

Sustainable and ongoing behavioural change takes place at a different level. Namely on the level of beliefs, values, filters, attitudes and thoughts.

The approach applied by TWA Mentale Innovation GmbH allows people to adopt more helpful and target-oriented behaviours within a very short time, within a few hours or less.

Even during the change process, clients are given the opportunity to make conscious choices in situations that were difficult and automated until recently.

What is the difference to classical management consulting?

In classic management consulting, the greatest focus is placed on procedures and processes. This is the area in which management consultants work in most cases.

In the TWA Mentale Innovation GmbH concept, the value level (beliefs, values, filters, attitudes, thoughts) is edited and changed. This changes the communication with the customer and the communication in the company in a positive way. The resulting massive positive influences on the processing of the organizational processes and the process organization are obvious.

A conscious selection of appropriate behaviours allows particularly difficult situations to be managed and controlled.


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