What is Digital Culture 4.0

You’re learning for life, not for school!” I hear my parents say today. Even then I wasn’t quite sure whether that would be true, but for lack of better knowledge I believed it. Today I am pretty sure that at best this is only a small part of a bigger truth.

The status quo of the school system – what we don’t learn

What is taught in schools and universities is mostly factual knowledge, isn’t it? However, this factual knowledge alone is no longer sufficient in today’s world. The uncertainties in this world are too great for that. Today, globalization is a reality, the pressure of social media to do justice at all times and constant overtaxing of our sensory channels stress us.

The impact on our professional and private lives

Objective knowledge is taught in schools and universities. Objective knowledge that becomes obsolete within a very short time. But this is only one effect, the much smaller one. The real problem is the following: Objectivity means that the person who is to acquire or apply this knowledge does not appear in it. Scientific means objective. This excludes man by definition, because he is subjective as a human being.

Hereby we reach massive limits with our all-determining objectivity. Because the problem that globalization, the pressure of social media and the excessive demands on our sensory channels pose to us is highly human, i.e. subjective. In this world, people have experiences for which they have had no explanations at school or university.

Leadership Skills 4.0 for Life in a Digital Culture

It is indispensable to realize that every human being is allowed to determine for himself how he feels emotionally, i.e. how his inner emotional state is. Yes, it is a decision that can be made consciously. This Inner Emotional State determines how well we are able to cope with life and challenges.

For this it is necessary to be able to control our thoughts. It is important to determine how we evaluate our sensations, the things we see, hear, smell, taste and feel. It is our decision whether we evaluate something as good or bad. We learn to test our adopted and learned paradigms about ourselves and about the world. The helpful ones we keep, the less helpful ones may go and be replaced by helpful ones.

Today we know that bad & sad thoughts make our body sick. We also know from epigenetic research that our present behaviour is transmitted to our offspring. The reverse conclusion is therefore also permitted, that we determine with our thoughts how healthy we are and will become.

The quality of our communication IS the quality of our lives

The quality of our communication with ourselves and with others determines the quality of our lives. We learn how successful communication works, how we develop together and how to deal with differences of opinion.

We learn to learn to let our bottlenecks, blockades and obstacles go. We unlearn strategies and procedures that hinder and disturb us and replace them with new behaviour. The potentials within us are awakened.

We are dammed up about how we can tell stories that guide and motivate other people to take their lives into their own hands and take responsibility for everything that happens. This gives each of us the power to shape our world the way we want it to be.


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