What is Excellence?

There are different definitions of the word “Excellence“. In the online administration lexicon we find the following:

  • Excellence” generally stands for “outstanding performance, condition, condition“, “Excellence” in the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) stands for “outstanding practices in managing an organization and achieving results according to the EFQM concept“.
  • According to Wikipedia, excellence in science is a concept of excellence in certain disciplines. Excellence (from Latin excellere “outstanding” or excellentiaexcellence“, metonymically “higher position“) is also the honorary title in the salutation of personalities in outstanding official positions.
  • The ancient Greeks knew the concept of “Arette” and understood it to mean being excellently prepared for a task or challenge.
  • In Aristotle’s ethics there is talk of “Eudaimonia”, i.e. of an excellence in life, which is experienced with happiness, joy & well-being flourishing, thriving, well going and flourishing.

Excellence therefore goes beyond ordinary standards and leads to excellence.

At TWA Mentale Innovation GmbH, we guide & accompany people, managers and organisations to master change and to achieve and maintain excellence.


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