Why anti-campaigns usually fail

Being against something is easy. We know them, the anti-campaigns. Anti-war, anti-drugs, anti-sexism and many more. Or also “Against environmental pollution” and “Against overweight” and of course “Against change”.

“I’m for that I’m against…”

To be against something is first of all something good. I am, of course, against war and against pollution. It is only in this formulation that it is of little help and is therefore unfortunately often doomed to failure.

If we listen carefully in daily language use, we hear very many “not” and “none“. Namely what is not (anymore) wanted. Not this stress and of course no cold. Not working so long and not being paid so badly. In sales: We don’t want to lose this customer.

As parents, we know the classics at the playground that read: “Don’t fall down there ….” and “Don’t hurt yourself“. And the mishap has already been pre-programmed.

Very few people talk about what they want. And that is exactly the goal-oriented approach. Why?

Focus = Energy

Since Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity at the latest, we have known that our energy follows our focus. The things we focus on get more energy and attention.

At the same time, our brain knows no negation. Vera Birkenbihl, who has received a lot of attention, has already put it aptly: “Our brain can NOT process NO-instructions.” Negations confuse our brains. First, an image of something that should be negated emerges. The image in the head should therefore be crossed out with a red pencil. A cumbersome process. However, the undesired has already become present and has thus received focus and energy.

Thinking positive alone is not enough

What you resist persists.” is well-known wisdom by Carl Gustav Jung. We should face the things we don’t want (also called our “dark sides”). This means to transform them for the better.

Transformation is exactly the process that takes place in coaching. Our problems, worries and fears may go.

And so it is imperative to name the good. To define what should really be.

The secret of successful change

This means that the secret of successful change consists of two key elements:

  1. Determination of the starting position
  2. Determination of the target state

The starting position is to be left and the target state is to be reached.

For entrepreneurs and executives

I recommend my clients to devote comparatively little time to the starting position. Compare it, for example, with a trip to a foreign city: as soon as we have found our position on the city map, it only serves as the starting point for the route.

On the other hand, it is very valuable to invest a lot of time in defining the target state. What we will experience as soon as we cross the finish line should be described in detail and emotionally.

In New Life-Skills for Business and Digital Education 4.0, we deal very extensively with the question of what an excellent goal formulation means and how it is made.

How can I put this into practice?

People and organizations who work with me have fresh ideas for concrete plans and next steps, a new strategy and clear, manageable goals after a few units. With mental techniques, we release innovative forces that inspire you and your employees.


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Thomas W. Albrecht works with people who give full speed and have big goals to fine-tune their thought patterns and bring them to the desired course of success.

He is a speaker, author, coach and mentor, as well as a member of the Austrian Trade Association and the Austrian Business Forum for Executives, a lecturer at the Vienna Medical Association and the Baden University of Education. From his many years of experience as a manager and as an entrepreneur, he knows what it means to take responsibility and to push the limits again and again.

His personal vision is to lead people, organizations, and corporations into their true identity. Those managed by people like these are perceived as lighthouses. They are the cause of positive effects for their customers, clients and employees. They make the world a better place – despite all odds.

It brings them back to their authenticity and joy of life, so that they can act clearly, focused and excellently in every situation in the future. https://twa.gmbh

“If you want to do less of what doesn’t work anymore, and you’re looking for what works for you and your organization, then you’ve come to the right place.” – Thomas W. Albrecht


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