World Class Leadership 4.0 in a Digital Culture

When managers fail, results are not achieved and the best employees leave the company, it is rarely due to the professional “technical” qualifications of these managers.

Managers today have to meet a multitude of requirements at the same time. Strategy, digitization, competitiveness, finance, tightening of the law, introduction of artificial intelligence, relocation of production facilities, globalization and much more. Keeping things in mind, getting to the point and communicating at the same time are crucial challenges. Mastering the generation conflict and cultural differences as well as dealing with the new megatrends such as new work, individualisation, security and health, brings completely new challenges.

The demands placed on managers are now far from technical in nature. It’s about multidimensional diversity and interpersonal relationships, despite all the digitalization.

Multidimensional Diversity

The World Class Leader Mentorship Program® is therefore much less about technical expertise than about gaining and deepening leadership personality.

Technical expertise is easy to learn and just as easy to exchange. Personality, on the other hand, is also learnable and unique.

Professional expertise is interchangeable – Personality is unique

During this mentoring, true leaders develop who have great attractive visions and inspire other people to want to be part of it. Where people can grow and identify, develop their innovative powers and be courageous to break new ground together.

Content of the World Class Leader Mentorship Program in a Digital Culture

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